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NIK 28011Welcome to pages of the website of primary trade-union organization of Recyca Rayzhilkomkhoz municipal unitary enterprise. Our website opens an opportunity for operational informing you about the decisions made by trade-union committee, about interaction with social partners, how protection of labor rights and social and economic interests of members of labor union is performed.

On pages of the website photos of the mass events held with your participation are placed. I hope that visit of our pages of the website for you useful, pleasant and fascinating.

If you are a member of the Belarusian labor union of workers of the local industry and the household enterprises, then:

according to the collective agreement signed between administration and the trade-union organization which extends only to members of labor union with you the employment contract at the initiative of the employer without prior consent of trade-union committee cannot be terminated. All payment issues of work, rendering financial support, providing issues, a work-rest schedule, and also compensations and guarantees, additional in relation to the current legislation, are established only in coordination with trade-union committee in the collective agreement (The Labor code RB, the Law "About Labor Unions");

in cases of emergence of a conflict situation you have the right to address to the commission on employment disputes of the enterprise (Art. 234-240TK of RB);

you can receive in trade-union committee, regional committee of labor union free consulting and legal aid on all interesting questions (The charter of labor union of workers of MT and KBP);

the trade-union committee, regional committee of labor union can take legal action on protection of your labor and social and economic rights without payment of the state duty (Art. 108, 110 of the Civil and procedural Code of RB);

legal and technical inspection of work of regional committee of labor union for you constantly exercise control of observance from administration of the enterprise of the current legislation about work and creation of safe working conditions on production (Art. 10, 16 of the Law "About Labor Unions");

all questions on labor protection (issue of special power supply, individual protection equipment, to development and the approval of instructions of all of types, investigation and accounting of labor accidents, etc.) are solved in coordination with trade-union committee (hl. 16 Labor codes RB);

you can receive financial support from means of labor union (The charter of workers of MT and KBP);

the trade-union committee, regional committee of labor union constantly care for providing you and members of your family a social complex of questions (nurseries improving the camp, kindergartens, sadovodnichesky cooperatives, hostels, procurement of vegetables, holding cultural and mass and sporting events, etc.).

Means of the trade-union organization are used on:

1. Financial assistance on unemployment, at natural and ecological disasters, accidents, other circumstances which are sharply worsening financial position of members of labor union.
2. Rendering legal aid to members of labor union.
3. Encouragement of a trade-union asset.
4. Holding cultural and mass, sports and improving actions, organization of leisure and rest of members of labor union, their children.
5. Carrying out professional and other holidays, celebration of the best by profession.
6. Help to veterans of work, to pensioners, young families.
7. Training of a trade-union personnel and asset.
8. Organizational household expenses.
9. Keeping of elective professional workers and professional device.
10. Development of international backgrounds with labor unions of other countries.
11. Charity and humanitarian actions.
12. Production of trade-union cards, accounting cards, attributes, symbolics.
13. Providing the trade-union organizations with methodical and reference books.

The Gomel regional committee of labor union of workers of the local industry and the household enterprises locates at the address:
246000, Gomel, ul. Sovetskaya, 29, rooms № 504-506.

Chairman Korzh Yuri Alekseevich tel. 8 (0232) 25-58-17
Deputy Chairman Vadim Zhavoronok tel. 8 (0232) 32-95-31
Chief specialist in organizational work Sergey Guzhev tel. 8 (0232) 32-95-31
Chief Technical Labor Inspector Chuprugin Valery Anatolyevich tel. 8 (0232) 32-95-44

Chairman of trade-union committee of KUP " Recyca Rayzhilkomkhoz"
Gerasimenko Grigory Grigoryevich of ph. 3-82-54

Welcome to the page of the primary trade Union organization of municipal unitary enterprise "Rechitsa rayzhilkomkhoz". Our website opens the opportunity of informing You of the trade Union Committee adopted decisions on cooperation with the social partners on the protection of labour rights and socio-economic interests of Union members.

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